We understand how detrimental water damage can be, especially in commercial properties as it can cause huge impacts on your daily business operations. This is why it is important for all businesses to be aware of water damage, how to spot it and what to do if you see start to see the first signs of water damage in your office or commercial premises.

Here are our top facts about water damages in commercial buildings and how you can prevent the situation from getting bad to worse!

1 – Regular maintenance may stop water damages accidents

It’s best to get into a habit of regularly inspecting certain areas of your building, such as gutters, plumbing lines and drains or signs of any leaks or water damage. Early detection of the problem can help to solve the issue before it gets any worse. You may want to call in a professional once or twice a year to give the property a full inspection and to reassure you that the building is in good condition. 

2 –  Roof leaks are the most common source of water damage in commercial properties

Even the smallest roof leak can cause lots of destruction and damage to any type of property. Allowing the outside elements in, it can quickly make the place cold, losing a lot of heat, and also cause damage to the ceilings, flooring and sometimes the walls, depending on the location of the leak. Roof leaks are the most common during the winter months when the harsh winds and rain can cause destruction on the roofs allowing cracks to appear. 

3 – Minor leaks can lead to major problems

If left undetected, even the smallest plumbing issues can cause extensive water damage to your commercial property. This can often lead to a very costly project and could mean that the building will need to close whilst the work is being carried out. 

5 – Timing is key

Once you have detected any signs of water damage, it is in your best interest to contact the professionals straight away and let them assess the issue. This can prevent further damage and stop the problem from escalating further and prevent damage to other nearby areas.

If you have an urgent need for a repair to your domestic household water pipe or your business is suffering from a burst water main then get in touch on 07502 907 326 so that we can help you resolve the water issue.

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