Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do if get a water leak on my land?

Firstly you should contact us as soon as possible so that we can visit your property and carry out a quick assessment of the issue. There is no charge for the initial visit and we can sometimes resolve the issue with our first visit if the solution is easily determined.

What is WaterMark/Watersafe?

They are accredited schemes within the water industry which allow its members to self-certify there own works. Avon Water Services is a member of both schemes and has a proven track record in delivering works for private customers. 25 years experience in the industry gives us a firm footing for delivering any projects small or large!

’m a commercial customer. Can you help me with my water supply issues?

YES! We can deliver any project for any customer across the midlands and beyond. Let us scope out your project at an initial free of charge meeting and we will demonstrate our ability to deliver your project.

I have a lead pipe feeding my property. What are the issues with pipe?

Lead content in your water supply increases the health risk so you should consider replacing your private water supply. Lead also causes the flow of water through the pipe to be slowed down sometimes causing poor supply into the property resulting in water outlets not operating properly or not at all – heating, hot water, boilers in general, showers etc…

What should I do if my water company serve a section 75 enforcement notice on me?

GET IN TOUCH with us asap! There is a very limited timescale to get the problem resolved if they are served the notice so we must attend quickly to assess the problem and identified the best solution. Due to our working relationship with Severn Trent specifically they will usually be more accommodating if you know Avon Water Services are involved because of our respected standing in the water industry.

Water is coming through my drive/path/garden. What should I do?

Give us a call asap so that we can assess the issue and make sure no damage is being cause to your property. If you are on a water meter take a reading immediately so that we can then assist you with making a claim for a leakage allowance from your water company.

What is a ‘leakage allowance’?

There is a claim you can make from your water company if you experience a water leak on your private supply. Take a meter reading immediately and then get in touch with us so we can assess the water leak issue! We will help you complete the form and even speak with the water company on your behalf if required to give our professional opinion.

How do I turn off the underground water leak?

There should be a stop tap on the public footpath which will isolate your water supply in an emergency situation. Please consider the stop tap could feed other neighbouring properties. They will be affected by isolating the supply and may need to make arrangements for keeping the water flowing to the house. IF in doubt, get in touch with us!

Why Choose a WaterSafe Approved Professional?

As a WaterSafe accredited WSPI, our team is rigorously trained to meet the criteria of membership and adhere to the standards set by WaterSafe in the undertaking of water supply pipe work, including local and building regulations.

Check out Why Choose a WaterSafe Approved Contractor? to see why a WaterSafe-approved business, like us, is the reliable choice.

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If you have an urgent need for a repair to your domestic household water pipe or your business is suffering with a burst water main then get in touch on 07874 859 243 so that we can help you resolve the water issue. Our vehicles carry all fittings required to repair anything from an ½” copper service to an 150mm water main.

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