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Phoenix Infant School

Our team at Avon Water Services were called out to install a brand new gas and water lines at a school in Nottingham, Phoenix Infant & Nursery School.

Water installation - Phoenix infant school
Lead Replacement. Leicester Domestic Customer

A domestic customer contacted us after being served with an enforcement notice by Severn Trent Water for a leak on their private water supply.

Due to the poor condition of the pipe, the amount of water being lost via the leak on the pipe caused the property to have virtually no water supply into the property leaving the elderly residents with no hot water or heating. Upon establishing that the issue was actually located on a pipe which ran underneath the building we quickly determined that replacing the old lead pipe was the only viable option for resolving this loss of water supply into the house. Within 24 hours we had laid a new private water supply to the property using our impact moling technique in readiness for Severn Trent Water connecting it up to their water main in the public highway. We processed all the evidence of the works and the self-certification certificate through to Severn Trent Water and using our close working relationship with STW we managed to get them to connect the water supply the following day! The elderly lady was delighted with our rapid response, skill in doing the works to such an high standard and how we were able to fast track the connection by raising its importance to a high priority because of the domestic circumstance.

Water pipe installation
Domestic customer leicester

Severn trent had surveyed an enforcement notice on this customer which instructed them to repair an underground leak on their water pipe. There was No evidence on the surface so the customer called us to pinpoint the using our leak noise correlation equipment. Once we had completed our survey works we dug down on the pinpointed location at the rear of the property and located the leak shown in the image below. All this work was done within 24 hours of the customer initially contacting us.

Notts County Council

"From the first telephone conversation to the job completed everything was great, went over and above what was required so thank you."

The customer had noticed high water consumption on their water meter. There was no evidence on leaks on the ground. We were called to help and carried out a leak detection survey. The leak was pin-pointed very quickly using our leak detection equipment. When we dug it out we found a four inch cast iron water main fractured.