Whether you are own a commercial site or a homeowner, underground water leaks can be disruptive and can cause a lot of destruction if left untreated for a long time. Not only do they damage the structural elements, but it can also have a negative impact on the environment.

Wasted water

A study suggests that in the UK, over 3 million litres of water is wasted every day due to leaks, which is equivalent to 1268 Olympic swimming pools.

That is a lot of wasted water, which could be reduced by implementing leak detection services as soon as suspicions arise.

Water from pipe bursts can not be used again as there is reason to believe the water is contaminated with chemicals, which is all the more reason to implement leak detection services earlier on.

Leak detection services are especially important in the warmer months when drought conditions are high and we need to preserve the water to avoid shortage issues.

Damage to roads & streets

Underground leaks release a large amount of water over a short space of time, which have been damaging our streets and roads for years. Even though the leak could be a mile away, water can travel and target the weakest spots underground and slowly cause structural damage to the surrounding area.

This is the reason why it is important for property owners to consider leak inspections from a professional.

Structural damage

Water damage is the initial starting point for damp problems in commercial or domestic properties. Undetected pipe burts can slowly leak water which can cause structural damage to the building if left undetected.

The first sign you will notice is a discoloration on the walls. This can quickly escalate if not treated in a timely manner. This is also the perfect condition for mould to grow and spread, which would not only weaken the structure but can cause a negative impact on the health of those who are exposed to it.

Increased costs

Alarms bells should start ringing if you notice inconsistencies in your water bills. If you know you haven’t changed your water usage habits recently, then it becomes one of the first signs of detecting underground water supply problems.

As soon as the water is released from the burst water pipe, it allows dirt and chemicals to enter the pipe system, therefore contaminating the water supply, making it unsafe to use.

Repairing water leaks

A water leak is one of those matters that is best left to professionals to deal with. Incorrect diagnostics or poor installations can cause further deterioration and can result in an increase in costs and work. Our engineers are fully qualified to detect and repair water leaks no matter the scale of the problem. We also offer emergency services or urgent repair needs.

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