At Avon Water Services we believe in the mantra “prevention is better than cure”, especially when it comes to problems with water supply and other plumbing-related issues. Over the winter months, the weather typically becomes unpredictable, so it’s crucial to safeguard your home against potential issues, especially those related to the water supply.

As your trusted Watersafe-approved contractor, Avon Water Services offers valuable insights and tips to prepare your home for the challenges of freezing temperatures and blockages this winter.

Here are some expert recommendations tailored to ensure the protection of your home’s water supply:

Preventing water supply problems around your property

Insulate Your Pipes:

This might sound obvious but it often gets overlooked. Safeguarding pipes in unheated areas like lofts, roofs, outbuildings, and garages helps to prevent bursts or leaks during winter.

Protect Outdoor Taps:

Outdoor water outlets and taps are more exposed in the cold weather and as a result, are more susceptible to freezing. Covering outdoor taps can prevent freezing and avoid damage and hazardous leaks.

Locate and Test Your Stop Tap:

In case of an emergency, it is best to refresh your memory (or find out) that you know the location of your stop tap. Once you have located it, test it to see if it functions as it should i.e. it shuts the water off in your house. 

Address issues in areas like bathrooms and kitchens

Address Leaks Promptly:

Check and fix any leaks in toilets, taps, and showers. Unaddressed leaks can not only ramp your utility bills up but might be indicators of a bigger, hidden problem. 

Mindful Flushing:

Blocked toilets and drains can become a nightmare, especially in the colder months, ensure that you’re only flushing items down your toilet that can be flushed, i.e. bodily waste and toilet paper. Wipes, nappies and sanitary items should not go down the toilet as they can cause blockages.

Manage Grease: 

Over winter (especially the holiday period) we tend to use kitchens more, and this can lead to an increase in grease collecting in areas like dishwashers and sinks. Coagulated grease can cause issues not only in indoor pipework like u-bends but can clog outdoor drains leading to bigger problems. Use kitchen roll to absorb grease from plates and pans before washing up and collect used cooking oil, fat, and grease in a container, jar, or tin. Dispose of it in the bin once it has cooled.

Address Outdoor Leaks on Your Property

If you notice patches of dampness and or pools of water on your property, then you might have an underground leak or the beginning of a burst pipe. Dealing with this in a timely fashion is crucial, especially in colder weather as a minor leak could potentially turn into a major one with the expansion and contraction of water as it freezes and thaws. Not only that, but with freezing temperatures, water collected on your property can turn to ice creating slip hazards.

If you do spot an underground leak or you encounter a problem with your water supply this winter, it is vital that you call an approved water contracting service ASAP! Avon Water Services are Severn Trent, WaterSafe and WaterMark approved, and we operate a 24/7 emergency call-out, so whatever the time of day, you can rely on us in an emergency.