Burst pipes or water leaks can cause many businesses a lot of inconvenience, disruption and can also be a costly one to fix! In most cases, these occurrences can not be helped as they can happen at any time throughout the year due to wear and tear or improper installation.

Whenever a leak is identified In a domestic or commercial property, the only natural thing to do is to want the problem resolved as soon as possible, so you can continue with running your business. 

But what exactly is involved in repairing a water leak? Let’s find out below.

Finding the leak

Sometimes a burst water pipe may not be obvious to see, especially if it is underground. It’s important to understand the location of the burst pipe, the extent of the damage created and also if there are any hazards that need to be made aware of. 

Usually finding a leak underground could involve multiple excavations, not to mention the disruptions and the costs involved. Thanks to our specialist electronic devices, our team at Avon Waters are able to narrow down the leak and save costs on unnecessary digging. 

Repairing the leak

Before considering whether a pipe needs to be replaced, the engineers will assess if the pipe can be repaired. Most Severn Trent approved installers will suggest a plastic pipe replacement as the old lead pipes are considered to be unsafe and prone to corrosion. 

Pipe replacement

If your domestic or commercial property is using the old lead pipe system, then most engineers will highly recommend replacing it with a plastic alternative. This will significantly reduce the lead content in your water supply, ultimately providing safer drinking water for consumption and also maximise the water flow into your property. 

Minimizing disruption

Due to the nature of the repair, there will be ground disturbances involved in the repair or replacement of underground pipework. However, at Avon Waters, our aim to successfully complete the project with minimal disruption and damage to the property.

We specialise in using trenchless technology to install and repair any underground piping systems. Using the impact moling technique, we can save time on projects, install and replace pipes all with minimal disruption to the property and environment. 

If you’d like more information on our burst water pipe repair process, then feel free to speak to our friendly team on 07874 859 243.

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