The last thing you’d want to come home to is a burst water pipe or water leak, especially during this time of the year when the weather is much colder. But if you are unfortunate to experience a burst water pipe in your home, then it’s always best not to panic as there is help available.

We’ve put together some top tips on what you should do in the event of a burst water pipe in your home.

1: Stop the water supply

Once you have noticed the burst water pipe, the first thing you need to do is shut off the water supply. The quicker you do this, the more likely you will reduce water damage. In most houses, the water mains valve is located near your water heater, under your kitchen sink, in the bathroom or under the stairs.

Once the water has been turned off, the next step would be to open the faucets and drain all the water that is remaining in the pipework. This will help to ease the pressure in your pipe system and also reduce the risk of frozen pipes. 

Also, depending on the location of the burst pipe, you may need to switch off the electricity mains as any water touching electrical sockets can be dangerous. 

2: Call the professionals

As soon as you have turned off the mains water supply, it’s time to call in the professionals. Plumbers who specialise in burst water pipes, mains leaks repairs are ideal for the job. They will then be able to assess the situation and provide a repair or replacement solution that’s right for you and your home. 

3: Find the burst pipe

To help prevent further damage whilst you wait for the professionals to arrive, it’s a good idea to try and locate the burst pipe or determine where the leak could be coming from. Look out for signs of bulging ceilings and damp floors/walls. If you notice a leaky ceiling then place a bucket under the leak to catch the dripping water.

4: Start to clean up

If there are puddles of water in your home then it’s important you dry those wet areas as quickly as you can. The longer the water is left, the higher the risk of mould growth and damage to the property.

Once the excess water has been cleaned up, it’s best to ventilate the property by opening windows. Depending on the severity of the water damage, you may need to call in restoration specialists. As they will have the tools to detect moisture hidden behind the walls and under the floor. This is to ensure your home is safe and mould free. 

We’re here to help

Even though in most cases, a water leak or burst mains pipe can seem like a disaster, there’s always expert help available so you don’t need to worry. At Avon Waters, we specialist in all types of burst pipes, pipe repairs and replacements and with years of experience in our belt, you can trust us to do a good job. Call our team on 07874 859 243 for further advice. 


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