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Prevent Problems with Water Supply in Your Home this Winter

At Avon Water Services we believe in the mantra “prevention is better than cure”, especially when it comes to problems with water supply and other plumbing-related issues. Over the winter months, the weather typically becomes unpredictable, so it’s crucial...

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water supply leak
Addressing Low Water Pressure Could It Be a Sign of a Bigger Problem

Low water pressure can be a frustrating and inconvenient issue to deal with. Whether it’s a weak shower, a slow-filling washing machine, or a dribbling faucet, understanding the causes of low water pressure is essential in resolving this common...

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water leak
Steps to take if you suspect a water leak in your commercial property

With utility bills rising nationwide, ensuring that your business premises aren’t losing money over a leaking water pipe is essential. On average more than 3 billion litres of water are lost every day, and in large commercial premises, leaks...

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Water pipe leak
Why should you replace lead pipes in your home?

If your property was built before 1970 then there is a fair possibility that you have lead water pipes in your home. However, even if the pipework on your property has been replaced there still remains the prospect that...

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replace lead pipes
Prevent Frozen Pipes & Avoid Pipe Bursts This Holiday Period

As winter well and truly sets in and the temperatures start to plummet into the minus figures, the risk of pipes freezing becomes an ever-present possibility. Not only can this prevent water from coming out of your taps but...

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As Severn Trent and WaterSafe-approved installers, Avon Water Services are proud to offer our services as part of Severn Trent’s Water Pipe Replacement Grant Scheme. We are currently helping a large number of customers across the midlands replace water...

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Lead pipe replacement in Coventry
What to do if you notice a burst water pipe in your home?

The last thing you’d want to come home to is a burst water pipe or water leak, especially during this time of the year when the weather is much colder. But if you are unfortunate to experience a burst...

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water leak
Prevent a plumbing disaster – Infographic

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What’s involved in repairing a water leak?

Burst pipes or water leaks can cause many businesses a lot of inconvenience, disruption and can also be a costly one to fix! In most cases, these occurrences can not be helped as they can happen at any time...

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New Water Mains Installation
Top facts about commercial water damage

We understand how detrimental water damage can be, especially in commercial properties as it can cause huge impacts on your daily business operations. This is why it is important for all businesses to be aware of water damage, how...

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